Cost Comparisons for Infusion (IV) Center

Did you know?

Medical benefit injectables are administered primarily through one of three channels: the hospital, home infusion, or the provider’s office.

Fact: Hospitals Cost More.

The hospital channel is consistently more costly than other channels and generally costs twice what a provider-administered injectable given in
the provider’s office would cost.

Below is a chart of five infusible drugs and the cost of therapy by site.

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Information courtesy of: Medical Injectables & Oncology Trend Report, 2010 First Edition, by ICORE Healthcare, pg 33.

To see the full ICORE Report please click here.

Fact: IV Centers offer a lower-cost treatment option.

Similarly, treatment of therapeutic conditions requiring infusion therapy in an IV Center results in reduced cost due to a better utilization of services and the elimination of the “Hotel Cost” associated with a Hospital, LTAC, or Skilled Nursing Facility.

Below is a chart showing a 4 day treatment for Ceullulitis Wo MCC:

Infusion 4 Days

Source: – query on Cellulit Wo MCC Oct. 2008-Sept. 2009 – Seton Medical Center

 Use of the IV Center for this treatment results in a per-patient savings of $6,580

Summary of Savings:

Average cost per day of a hospital stay:    $1,500 (without medications)

Average cost per day of an IV Center visit:    $150 (with medications)

  • The IV Center has an average cost savings of $1,350 per day compared to a hospital stay.
  • That difference in cost equals an average 80% in savings.

Source: – query on Cellulit Wo MCC Oct. 2008-Sept. 2009 – Seton Medical Center